6 Must Do Skin Care Tips from Skinside Out

It seems like skin care advice bombards us online these days. Many well-intentioned individuals freely give advice on something they have very little actual experience with on a day in day out basis. Having had the opportunity to see the results of both good and unhealthy habits with my clients over the past twenty plus years, I feel confident in sharing tips based on firsthand experience regarding best practices for your best skin ever.

1.    As silly as it sounds you must keep your skin clean. You would think this is a no-brainer, but I am often surprised how many people don’t wash their skin both morning and evening. Always use a non-abrasive, non-stripping cleanser that does not remove the hydrolipidic film (protective barrier on the skin). This is a critical step for beautiful skin. You cannot get the most out of your skin care routine without this basic step. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to happen.

2.    On the heels of keeping your skin clean, the next step is to avoid using foundation makeup. Most people underestimate the damage wearing foundation makeup on a regular basis can do to the skin. The skin begins to absorb the foundation, thus creating a plethora of unfavorable issues including premature aging, congested skin and a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The goal is to feel confident with your healthy skin so you don’t feel the need to wear foundation.

3.    Drink water. Though probably not for the reasons you would assume. Water transports nutrients that you consumed in your diet throughout your entire body.  Your skin is the very last post in your body to receive these nutrients, therefore drinking more water expedites that process. There is an assumption that simply drinking water hydrates the skin, it actually transports the nutrients to the skin, thereby hydrating it.

4.    Avoid using products that contain harsh ingredients regularly. Included in this list would be the following: alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acids, glycolic acids and retinol. These ingredients break down the structure of the skin. thereby, reducing elasticity in the skin and creating vulnerability for various undesirable skin conditions.

5.    Avoid inflammatory foods. For many people, conventional dairy, caffeine, sugar and grains produce an inflammatory response. The response displays itself in various ways in different people. It is often seen in the skin in the form of acne, eczema, psoriasis, general puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. To test your response to specific foods a 2-week elimination diet is recommended. During this 2-week period, potentially offending items are removed from the diet. At the end of the 2-week period offending foods are heavily re-introduced to the diet. It is very empowering to make the correlation with food and your skin health.

6.    Feed your skin. The skin has the unique ability to be nourished internally as well as externally. Utilizing both the inside out and outside in approach yields phenomenal results.  A whole foods diet incorporating healthy fats, collagen peptides, lots of vegetables and various supplements set you up for success internally. Use a nourishing moisturizer on the skin externally both morning and evening to aid in skin repair and to keep it in tip top shape.

When these tips are followed consistently, chances are you won’t be the only one noticing your beautiful healthy new skin.

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