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Prescriptive Skin Care Treatment

Each skin care treatment is customized for the individual client's needs.  Therefore there are no descriptions listed, only times for the treatments. With over 20 years of holistic skin care experience we can achieve the best results creating a treatment designed specifically  for you.

Prescriptive Skin Care Treatment (90 min) -  $150


Holistic Health Consultations

Each consultation is customized for the individual client's needs using a holistic approach to address all areas of nutrition and lifestyle to achieve optimal results.
Note: The initial consultation includes Meta-Oxy cellular inflammation test.

Initial consultation (90 min) -  $150 
Subsequent consultations (60 min) -  $100


True Cellular Detox Program

Intensive 3 month cellular detoxification protocol (as outlined by Dr. Daniel Pompa).
Includes: Prep Phase, Body Phase, Brain Phase, and Meta Oxy cellular inflammation test.

First month - $497
Second month - $197
Third month - $197